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Three Bedtime Stories Android Apps

About the Bedtime Story Android Apps

We have two bedtime stories, which are equal in their programming. The bedtime stories have the titles:

Bedtime Story Little Pink Rose,

Bedtime Story of Timmy Tiptoe.

A female nice voice tells the bedtime story. Your child can hear the melody of the German lullaby "Guten Abend, gute Nacht" (Good evening, good night) and at the end of the story or whenever your child wants, he or she can switch off the light.

This apps are working with two different images. The first is a picture where a light is on or it is daylight, the second one is a night image after your child has switched off the light.

Why should I tell my children bedtime stories?

Often are children frightened of the darkness in their children's room, when the light is switched off. A teddy bear or a big doll are looking like strange persons in the dark, the wooden sideboard makes noises, sometimes your children are hearing noises from the street. For a child is the darkness a kind of danger. Sometimes have children also bad dreams in the night.

A bedtime story has an influence of the mood of your children. If they hear a longer bedtime story, they will sleep fast and well. Your children will think about the bedtime story and they do not pay attention to the dangerous looking teddy bear or doll in the dark.

When one of our developers was a child, she also was very frightened in this way.So she knows very well the feelings of younger children, their fears and sorrows.

Help your children to have a good night! You do not need to read the story. The bedtime stories have an audio element, where the story is stored. You only need to press the "Play-button" and the bedtime story will start. 

Of course, when you will be a good mommy or daddy, you will hear the bedtime story together with your children and perhaps you will discuss about them. Children have a lot of questions. In every case is a bedtime story a good end for a children's day. Also the feature, that your child can switch off the light, is very well for your child, because he or she can decide by themself when he will have dark in his or her children's room.

How much does this bedtime stories cost?

These bedtime stories are all completely for free.

Where can I download the bedtime stories?

You can download them immediately on Google Play. They are suitable for smartphones and tablets, because they a responsive flexible design. In the next time we will all our apps program in responsive design, but this takes time. We have 92 apps online.

Here are the links:

Bedtime Story Little Pink Rose

Bedtime Story of Timmy Tiptoe

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