Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

Responsive Design: Two videos Full Screen and Scrolling


From today we want to add a new category with tutorial videos from the MIT AppInventor 2 to this blog. We will start with a Responsive Design for apps.

What does Responsive Design mean?

Responsive Design means, that you adjust your elements of an app in width and heigth percentage. The advantage is, that you can view an app on a smartphone and on a tablet and it looks equal. 

What is the advantage of Responsible Design?

Your app will be suitable for smartphones and tablets. I know, that Google (TM) does not see this, if you do not use AppToMarket, but your users will try it out and see that it works. So you will have more downloads of your apps, because they are for all devices. The way I show, is only one way to make Responsible Design. I am sure, there are still other ways in AppInventor 2.

Here is the first video tutorial for a full screen app:

Here is the second video tutorial for a scrollable screen:

Test it and enjoy it!

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