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Recommendation: AI2Live Complete from M. Hossein Amerkashi

AI2Live Complete from M. Hossein Amerkashi

Dear Android developers and readers,

I want to recommend the AI2Live Complete from M. Hossein Amerkashi.

What is the AI2 Live Complete?

AI2Live Complete is a new developed AppInventor, which has lots of more functions like the MIT AppInventor. I will only give some examples:

  • Possibility to monetize your apps with admob ads, amazon ads, MMedia and MobFox. There are possiblities for in-app-purchases, banner ads and interstitials.
  • Gallery Viewer: You can create a perfect good looking gallery viewer where the images are scrollable and with a lots of features.
  • You have a large sortiment of sensors, lego(TM) mindstorm, kitchen sink, firebase db (brandnew)
  • Floating buttons
  • HSV and VSV arrangements
  • Fusionstables control
and lots of functions more than in the MIT AppInventor.

How does the monetization work?

The integration of the admob or other ads are really easy and you need only some minutes for all the necessary steps. First you put an arrangement in the designer, than you choose your kind of monetization (banner ad in this case) and you drag it into the arrangement. 

In the block editor you only have to set true the enable block and the load ad block in the Screen initialize block and now you can try to view your test ads. But never run your apps in life mode. Always use the test mode! In other case Google(TM) can close your developer account.

There are lots of other possibilities in the monetization feature like target for children, target age and so on.

An interstitial you only drag into the designer and you also have to enable and to load it. But please read first the Google(TM) guidelines for banner ads and interstitials, if you want to use admob.

Also you have the possibility for In-App-Purchasement feature for your app with the AI2Live Complete. This is useful for game apps or other products in your app.

Is there a working forum for the AI2Live Complete?

Yes, it is a really good working forum, where a lot of member help one another. I often got a lot of good advices and code snippets or sometimes a complete code. Mr. M. Hossein Amerkashi also takes active part at the forum and helps a lot.

Are there new releases?

Mr. M. Hossein Amerkashi makes regularly new releases. If there are features, which you like to have you can post your feedback into the forum.

Is the AI2Live Complete for free?

AI2Live Complete is not for free. If you want to stay a member you have once to pay a fee and after you are a member you only pay 5.00$ for the cloud. But I can really recommend the AI2Live Complete, it is worth its money.

How can I get more informations about the AI2Live Complete?

Mr. M. Hossein Amerkashi has a very good blog with video tutorial to all the important features and there you can get further informations about the AI2Live Complete. Here is the blog address:


We use some monthes the AI2Live Complete and we are really satisfied with the AI2Live Complete and the help in the forum. We want to recommend AI2Live Complete every appinventor user.

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