Montag, 15. Februar 2016

For Developers: App Design Advices

Dear AppInventor developers,

before some time I got from a friend of mine some very good advices how to create better designed apps. These advices I want to share with you.

The right font and font color

Some developers use typical fonts like Arial. But in apps they do not look very well. So I got the advice to use 

When you click on the font name you can download this font directly from our web.

We were really surprised how wonderful looks DroidSans in our apps. These apps look much better designed. Here on this blog, we do not have this font, there are only a few fonts. But you can have a look on DroidSans on the following image:

The DroidSans font is very clear and very read-friendly. Perhaps you are interested, to use this font.

Another point is the right font color. The best is, to use black, darkgray, darkblue or darkbrown on light colors like yellow, green, blue and so on. But the background color red need white font color. It is more read-friendly than black or dark-gray. The contrast is more intensive.

You should never use handwriting fonts in your apps. If you have an app with handwriting fonts on your device you will see, that they are really hard to read. In earlier times, we used often handwriting. But after I have got my friend's advices, I found out, that he is right and we changed the handwriting fonts into DroidSans.

Use paragraphs in (longer) app texts

Another part of read-friendly app are paragraphs. We mean paragraphs like we also use here on our blog. The paragraphs gives the user a fast overview what he can expect from the following text.

Use a suitable and moder button design

Of course, it depends on the kind of app you want to develop, which button design you should choose. Very modern are looking button with color gradients with two color, for e.g. darkblue and light violet or darkbrown and orange. The darker color is on the top and the lighter color on the bottom.

Here is an example from our German Feng Shui app:

Here is a further example from our Solarsystem - Planets app:

Here is an example from our Catfish Guide Aquarium app:

The color changes of the color gradients needs not to be very strong, it can be really soft only some nuances higher on the bottom.

What you show, make it large!

Humans are used to use their eyes to catch their surrounding. So you should everything you show in your app make large:

  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Listpickers
  • and so on...
If you use responsive design the percentage through 100 should be for the button width "0.95" (you leave a scrollable part of the screen) and for the button height "0.15-0.2". The images we adjust on image width "0.95" and image height "0.45". Please watch also the video about responsive design. You should use it, because your apps will look well on smartphones and tablets.

That's all for today! Happy inventing!

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