Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

Coloring Pictures Animals Android App

About the Coloring Pictures Animals Android App

We were excited to develop a good paint app for children. A lot of children love animals and so we created a paint app combined with animals: The Coloring Pictures Animals Android App!

In this app is a large canvas with 20 different outlined cute animals. The color palette has 16 attractive colors to color the animals. Your children can develop their creativity! The images your children have paint can be saved on the SD card an then you can post them in the social networks or send on your PC and print.

It makes a lot of fun, to create rose sheeps, blue horses or violet lions. Of course, your children can color the animals also in their natural colors. The Coloring Pictures Animals has a erase function and a new image function. These functions are equal, but children can understand erase easier then new image we thought.

The dotsize of the brush your children can adjust with a slider. So your children can paint thin and thick lines.

Screenshots form the Coloring Pictures Animals Android App

What does the Coloring Pictures Animals Android App cost?

You get this app for a fee of EUR 0,82. The advantage is, that this app is free of ads. There are no banner ads and no interstitials. So you can leave the children's room and do something else. You need not to watch your children, when they use this app.

Where can I get the Coloring Pictures Animals Android App?

You can get this app on Google play (TM) about this link:

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