Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

AppInventor Tutorial: Cookie Choices - How to Integrate a Cookie?

Why should I integrate cookie choices into my apps?

In all countries in the European union is it necessary to integrate the cookie choices into the app. So far we know is it also necessary, if you sell or offer your apps in the European union (perhaps you offer them worldwide). But Google(TM) did inform all developers, who have to integrate the cookie choices, so we are sure, you will know, if you need it or not.

What happens, if I tap on accept or read more?

If you tap on the accept button, the notifier dialog will vanish. If you tap on read more, this button leads you to a new screen, which offers you in a web view more informations about the cookie use. On the top of this screen are two buttons, with one you can tap accept and you come back to the main screen or you can tap close screen and the screen will close and you also come to the main screen. In earlier apps we had a close app button, but from android version this function will not work anymore on subscreen.

Is it possible, that my app customers will be angry about the cookie choices?

Of course it is possible, that some users will find the cookie choices disturbing. But people, who know, that this is a EU guideline / law will know, that it is necessary. The EU does not force the users to integrate cookie choices in their websites and apps, but Google(TM) wants, that every European developer and every adsense user does it.

By the way, it is really normal, to have cookie choices on websites and so only some people will find it disturbing.

Let's watch the tutorial video!

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