Montag, 15. Februar 2016

AppInventor 2: Slider Tutorial - How to Use the Slider?

What is the advantage of a slider?

A slider is very useful tool, because you can adjust the size of an image sprite, an image or a font. So for e.g. you can make the app useful for handicapped people, if the user can enlarge the font size with the slider. Of course, we think you will have more good ideas for how to use a slider. These are only examples.

Can I use a slider in a responsive design?

Yes, you can! If you want to use a slider in a responsive design, then you have to customize the slider width. The height is not necessary. Example:

Set Slider Width - Screen Width x 0.95

So you will have a slider, which takes 95 percent of the screen width.

I will not use the default colors - can I change the color of the slider?

Yes, you can! In the properties field of the slider are possibilities to change the left and right color of the slider. Also you can create own colors for the slider, if you use the following

Set Slider1 Color Left - make color (from the color block) - RGB code or color from the palet

Let's watch the slider video tutorial!

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