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About us and our apps

nice to see you here! My husband and I develop Android Apps and we would like to write about our apps and about the background on this blog. Some of the entries will be in English language and some in German, because we have English and German apps and we want, that it depends on the app language in which language the entry will be.

In the year 2013 we started to develop Android Apps with the AppInventor tool from the MIT. The AppInventor was origin created by Google and later they gave the AppInventor to the MIT (Massachusetts Institut of Technology) and the MIT developed the AppInventor to a really great tool for everyone. 


At the end of the year 2015, we found on the internet the AI2Live from Hossein Amerkashi. The basic of this tool was the AppInventor from the MIT and Mr. Amerkashi developed the AppInventor in a more helpful tool, which also allows to monetize Android apps with different promotion providers, for e.g. admob or Amazon. I got a member of the paid AI2Live offer and now we are able to create also Android apps, which are free of charge. In earlier times, this was not possible and we had to sell every app.

Our Android apps

In the next month we will list all our Android apps on this blog here. Also we will inform you about upcoming apps. Every blog post has also screenshots from our apps. So that you can have look what expects you, if you download one of our apps.
We have a really large sortiment of English and German Android apps. I will give some examples. We have:
Baby Development / Babyentwicklung (EN and DE)Oscar Wilde Quotes / Oscar Wilde Zitate (EN and DE)Kids Paint Fun (Paint app for children, EN)Baby Animals Puzzle (EN)Animals Alphabet / Tier Alphabet (EN and DE)Solar System - Planets / Sonnensystem - Planeten (EN and DE)
and lots more. 

We appreciate your feedback about our apps, our blog or our work, The next time will be full of work, but we want to make a good content on this blog and so we are working hard. We would be very glad, to see you here again! Have a nice day!

Martina and Pavel from Frankfurt (Main)/Germany

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