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Animals Alphabet - ABC Android App

Animals Alphabet Android App from PKML
A screenshot from the Animals Alphabet Android App.

About the App

The Animals Alphabet - ABC is an app, which is targeted to children. Your child learns playable the alphabet with funny comic animals and two audios. Also the design of the app is made by one of our developers, who has an educational background. This developer also designed the animal letter images. Only the comic animals we took from the Openclipart Gallery. This is a open gallery with public domain images. Of course, you can also use the Opencliart Gallery for your own purposes.

However, back to our app. In the app are two orange buttons. These are audio buttons. The top button speaks the alphabet letter of the image the child has chosen. The second button speaks a random letter and your child has to search the correct letter in the Alphabet Picture Gallery on the top. To choose an image, your child has to tap on the thumbnail image in the gallery viewer. After this, your child will see the enlarged image beside the buttons. So you see, that it is easy to use also for younger children.

Video about the Animals Alphabet App

How much does this app cost?

This app completely is for free. You can download this app immediately.

From where can I download this app?

You can download the Animals Alphabet - ABC app immediately on Google Play.

Here is the download link: Download

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