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Baby Animals Puzzle Android App

The Main Screen of the Baby 
Animals Puzzle Android App

About the app

Your children love baby animals? We created the Baby Animals Puzzle app with nine cute baby animals to puzzle. There are for e.g. doggies, kittens, baby monkeys, baby ducks, a birdy or baby goats and a baby lion. In this Android app your child can not fail. Every puzzle is possible to solve. Your child will always have the success of a finished cute puzzle animal.

These images are free to use. They are in the public domain from We take care, never to use copyright protected images. We think, your child will love this nice game. Every time your child opens a puzzle screen, the animals puzzle pieces will be from the scratch.

We also created a parent's info about the Baby Animals Puzzle App. So you can inform yourself before your child plays with this app.

The View of a New Puzzle Game. 
Here it is the Baby Ducks Puzzle.

Here you can see a new puzzle game. These are the baby ducks with their mother duck. Your child simply drags the pieces to the right place. If the piece meets the right place, the piece stucks in.

For this app we used a canvas, thereby your child can drag the pieces. That is the reason, why we have no other children's elements, for e.g. gif-images in this app. We know, that the design of this app is simple, but the right function was very important for a successfull puzzle game. We hope, that does not matter.

Video about the Baby Animals Puzzle

Which target age has the Baby Animals Puzzle Android App?

We think, the target age is between 4-8 years. Of course, younger and elder children can try this game, if they want, but the age between 4-8 years would be the main user's group.

How much does this app cost?

This app is completely for free.

Where can I get this app?

You can download this app on Google Play. Here is the direct link:

Go to the Baby Animals Puzzle App...

Enjoy it! We appreciate your feedback and hope to see you soon on this blog!

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